LANAP treatment cost and alternatives

The cost of LANAP treatment varies according to the training, skill and experience of the periodontist; the country of treatment; the pricing structures and cost plans of the dental practice; the patient's dental condition diagnosis and severity of oral trauma requiring treatment; the patient's timely decision for treatment and the treatment options preferred.

Alternatives for treating periodontitis is non-LANAP surgery, such as flap surgery using guided tissue regeneration barriers (GTR) or bone grafting materials (allografts). Traditional periodontal surgery can have a longer recovery period, and cause post-operative effects that increase tooth root sensitivity and also gum recession requiring further treatment later. The cost of LANAP laser treatment and traditional periodontal surgery is comparable and both are usually covered by dental insurance plans.

Selecting to have treatment is better than the alternative of not having treatment for periodontitis at all. Choosing not to have treatment for gum disease can put unborn babies at risk if the bacterial infection spreads to the womb, and can cause heart disease and stroke.

Speaking to a health professional about your options for treating gum disease, such as Periodontitis, is advised to protect not only your oral health, but also overall wellbeing. Diseases like periodontitis can affect physical and mental health, and can become excessively expensive to treat if left unattended to spread from the mouth to the rest of the body.